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Solar Panel
Shiv Bajrang Industries photovoltaic module are designed for both commercial and demostic application suitable for off-grid and grid-tied systems, and offer both high performance and reliability. Our flexible capabilities alow us to develop and design just about any shape and size of solar panel! No matter what your situtaion design of a new product or redesign of an existing product, our engineers will develop the best solution possible!
Module No. Maximum Power(Pmax) Voltage at Pmax(Vmp) Current at Pmax(lmp) Open-Circuit Voltage(Voc) Short-Circuit Current(Isc)
SUN005-12 5W 17.0V 0.29A 21.6V 0.34A
SUN010-12 10W 17.0V 0.58A 21.6V 0.68A
SUN020-12 20W 17.2V 1.16A 21.6V 1.31A
SUN030-12 30W 17.4V 1.72A 21.5V 1.89A
SUN040-12 40W 17.4V 2.30A 21.5V 2.53A
SUN050-12 50W 17.4V 2.87A 21.5V 3.18A
SUN065-12 65W 17.4V 3.74A 21.5V 4.11A
SUN075-12 75W 17.4V 4.58A 21.5V 5.03A
SUN100-12 100W 17.4V 5.74A 21.5V 6.36A
SUN125-12 125W 17.4V 7.75A 21.5V 8.52A
SUN150-24 150W 34.8V 4.88A 43.4V 5.36A
SUN200-24 200W 34.8V 5.17A 43.4V 5.68A
SUN250-24 250W 34.9V 7.44A 43.7V 8.18A